MI Pipeline

Machine Intelligence is technology that enables computers to automatically

learn patterns from data and make decisions like a human would - if not better.

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Step 1

Unify the data sources

Data is machine intelligence's lifeblood.
It comes in all shapes and sizes, from spreadsheets to SQL databases to real-time streams.
Our intelligent data layer pulls it all together and prepares for analysis.
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Step 2

Build the complete picture

Machine Intelligence can link micro changes to their macro contexts,
and back again, like no other approach.
We discover relationships across time-scales, geography, and much more.
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Step 3

Make it actionable

Supercharging business with Machine Intelligence means
presenting the right insights, to the right people, at the right time - all in a compelling way.
We build intelligent triggers and intuitive visualizations that take our findings from interesting to transformational.
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