Never again fear novel data sources and types, nor suffer the tedium of unending data presentation. Be free to focus instead on using your creativity to extract meaning and value from diverse and massive data sets.



Spindle is the data utility for those who know: let the machines do what they do best. By automating the drudgery of data preparation with Machine Colony's core machine learning stack, Spindle puts superpowers in the hands of every data scientist, engineer and analyst.

Use cases


  • Eliminate repetitive data prep task
    • Stop writing regular expressions and custom scripts
    • Put your most expensive developers to better use
    • Scale data pipelines by eliminating data prep bottleneck
  • Exploratory data analysis
    • View descriptive statistics on new data sets following prep
    • Identify priority areas for additional data sourcing
  • Data enrichment
    • Improve upon interpolation methods for missing data
    • Get comprehensive view of coverage of fragmented data
Core users

Core users

  • Enterprise Data Science Teams
    • Massive data pipelines that require advanced methods to avoid becoming time sinks
    • Data should be a utility, like electricity, which comes in standardized voltage
  • Government Data Engineers
    • Make APIs out of flat files for open data initiatives
    • Get more value out of limited resources with augmentation services
  • Data Intensive App Developers
    • Enable data rich interactions
    • Use more dynamic and current data points


  • Data Pre-processing
    • Data cleaning
    • Data integration
    • Data transformation
    • Data reduction
  • API and Streaming Data
    • Send data to Spindle programmatically, with arbitrary scaling
    • Receive data on demand, curated for usability
  • Advanced Architectures
    • Differential Neutral Computers doing program induction
    • Reinforcement Learning techniques guiding optimization
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