Spire is Your Mission Control Center

Machine Intelligence for Real Estate

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  • Real Estate is all about location
  • City-scale patterns of development
  • District wide modeling of alternative infrastructure and development scenarios
    - If mostly commerical properties added, where will traffic and utility demands go over the next five years
  • Parcel specific development configuration optimization
    - If you build a 40-story hotel on a huge parcel, what should go around it
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Built on Machine Colony Back-end

  • Full access to the suite of machine learning algorithms - Optimized for Real Estate datasets
  • Intelligent data layer living on Spark and Hadoop Clusters
  • Intelligent Triggers
Data sources

Comprehensive Data Sources

  • Global Macros (GDP, Forex, etc)
  • Key Market-relevant Macros (Brent Crude, Chinese Industrials indexes from Nasdaq, Airlines, etc)
  • Source Market demographic and social public stats (Moscow outbound foreign tourism patterns, Hong Kong foreign investment trends)
  • Private historical transaction data (property-type specific)
  • Competitor tracking (automated read of PR announcements and public filings; direct data collection from sensors)
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  • Timely and accessible information
    - have insights to reference in meetings
  • Share insights from within the app
    Keep your team current and aligned
  • Interface optimized for actionable findings
    Key takeaways customized for you by machine intelligence
Three personas

3 Personas

  • See the results and insights most relevant to your role and responsibilities
  • The Executive
    - Map-based strategic insights
    - Actionable intelligence curated by intelligent bot
  • The Analyst
    - Customizable modules to play out alternative scenarios- Peak under the hood for process metrics that impact analysis time and challenges
  • The Broker
    - Receive intelligent lead scoring
    - Identify your high-value client segments
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  • Dedicated support engineers that can educate new users and troubleshoot pain points
  • Adaptive, smart client response system